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Prof. Diana Golodnitsky

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Diana Golodnitsky is a Professor of Chemistry and The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair in Chemistry and Energy Sciences at Tel Aviv University. She received a MSc and PhD (1984) from Karpov Physicochemical Scientific Research Institute, Moscow and State Technological University,
Kazan, USSR, where she studied fundamental electrochemistry, and electrodeposition and electroforming of metals and alloys.
Diana joined Tel Aviv University in 1992. She investigated ordered solid polymer electrolytes (stretched and cast under applied gradient magnetic field), which marked the beginning of active experimental research of ion transport in crystalline polymer systems. Her current work is focused on the exploration of mechanisms controlling interfacial energy barriers in high-charge-carriers-content electrophoretically deposited composite materials. 3D-on-chip microbatteries, flexible and free-form-factor printed batteries are of her particular interest, as well. Diana Golodnitsky published about 140 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and six book chapters, filed 19 patents and is a co-founder of three startup companies.
Prof. Golodnitsky is a Fellow of Electrochemical Society and of Royal Society of Chemistry, the President of Israel Electrochemical Society, and a Board Member of the Israel National Research Centre for Electrochemical Propulsion (INREP).


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