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Lab facilities

shared with Prof. E. Peled

1) Four argon-filled glove-boxes

2) RDE systems
3) BET
4) 200 battery-test channels (two Arbin units and six Biologic systems),
5) Four potentiostats, including 7MHz impedance and booster
6) High-energy ball mill PM 200 (RETSCH).

7) High-voltage Keithley 2601B-PULSE System SourceMeters 
8) Fused-deposition 3D printer (Up-Plus 2)
9) 4-head 3d printer (Micron)

10) Two filament extruders (Noztek Pro)
11) Home-made plain extruder for processing of small amounts of materials

12) High-sensitivity thermogravimetric analyzer Q5000 TGA-IR (TA Instruments)

13) Research-Grade DSC with Modulation and Tzero cell module Q2000 MDSC

14) Discovery Refrigerated Cooling System - RCS90

15) FTIIR Nicolet iS50 spectrometer.

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