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The role of the confined water in the dynamic crossover of hydrated Lysozyme
powders, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C6CP01084A

Yael Kurzweil-Segev, Anna Greenbaum (Gutina), Ivan Popov, Diana Golodnitsky and Yuri Feldman

Peculiarities of ion transport in confined-in-ceramics concentrated polymer
electrolyte, Electrochimica Acta 208 (2016) 71–79

R. Blanga, M. Berman, M. Biton, F. Tariq, V. Yufit, A. Gladkich, S. G. Greenbaum, N. Brandon, and D. Golodnitsky

The search of solid electrolyte for lithium/sulfur batteries, Journal of Solid State
Electrochemistry, (2016) 20:3393–3404

R. Blanga, M. Goor L. Burstein, Yu. Rosenberg, A. Gladkich, I. Shechtman, D. Logvinuk, and D. Golodnitsky

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